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Over the last couple of decades, and in particular during this last election, we have listened to pollsters, pundits, theorists, journalists and people in the media telling us how we think and why. To date, no one has asked us what we, the people, want. 

We are partnering with Donna Hamlin, Phd, CEO of the research firm Hamlin Harkins to conduct the first-ever nation-wide scientific study of Americans' wants and needs. The study will provide clear, solid, reliable research that our government and elected officers can use as a platform to serve us.

Donna is a research expert who studies the voice of customers to help companies understand the emotional and rational wants and needs of customers. Her firm invented a way to interpret how we think about what we choose. The technique -- Cascade -- is the most powerful means to deeply understand how people set priorities and why they care about their choices. Donna has used the Cascade technique with multiple companies and campaigns around the world, including helping Intuit launch TurboTax, and passing the "bottle bill" (laws required deposits on recyclable bottles) become mainstream nationwide.  In 34 years of use in 43 countries, it has never been wrong!

Donna believes this will be the most important study of her entire career.  

Donna's study will ask questions such as:  What do we want for our nation, our quality of life and our future? What hopes, needs and expectations are most vital to us?  Of all the many issues we must address, which are the most valuable to us?  If we could only fix the top six, which should they be?  And, what is possibly the one unifying goal -- one all people of our now-factioned citizens -- can stand behind together?

Knowing this can help set a direction for elected leaders. It can help each of us with what we can do to make the changes we most want. It can channel our passion to do the right things well. If you are as sick of being told what we will get instead of what we actually want, please join me in this special project.

We believe we must make our wants known clearly and contribute to the success of the initiative put in place to meet them.  If you are anxious to see vital things happen, please join in this important way to make it happen. 

If we do this together, imagine our lives soon. Getting what we need and proud of it. Do the right things the right way as a national community. 

What will go into
the Research Study?

A proper study differs greatly from a poll. To ensure the integrity of this study will involve the following elements:

1. In-depth initial interviews with a small set of key economists, sociologists, policy experts, etc. to understand the existing "theories" about how we got to where we are and what is possible for the future. This provides background for the study.

2. One focus group of 12 mixed citizens in each state. They will include a combination of adults who voted and did not, young and older, male and female, party-aligned and independents, etc. Each group will offer their ideas and thoughts with a facilitator who guides the session and assures people are heard with respect for all people and their input. 

3. Taking the key ideas from steps one and two allows for creating an in-depth questionnaire to ask a statisically representative sample of our citizens what they feel are priorities and why, what they need, want and expect from our leaders. We will explore ideas and suggestions for a better future. 

4. The study will be announced in multiple social media and traditional media to make people aware of it. The invitations to participate will be sent to those citizens selected in the formal sampling drawn by Survey Sampling, Inc., a nationally well known independent firm.

5. Hamlin Harkins will oversee the data collection and analysis of the data. I will personally prepare the findings and present these in many venues: speaking sessions, video, radio, government and special interest groups. The intent is to assist in taking constructive action to create the future we truly want.

It will be a non-partisan study. That means there will be no sponsorship from a political party or a biased sponsor. It  will be a study for the people, by the people. It will take the effort of many to collect the data and Donna will personally analyze it and present the findings to our government as well as organize broadcasts to all organizations and individuals who wish to take charge of our future by making a difference.

How much will it cost?

We estimate that the study will cost $600,000 and are seeking to fund it entirely with small donations.  That may sound like a lot, but it is a small price to pay for valid, scientific research supporting what We the People want that can guide our government's agenda -- as compared to the millions candidates spend each year persuading us to elect them for office so that they can implement their own agendas.

The time it will take depends on the rate at which the study is funded. We can start with the initial two steps with funds of $50,000 and continue with the next steps as funds accrue. If the funds were available today, the study could be completed in 12 weeks. It will take a bit longer, based on funding.