Our Vision

Our vision is to:

1.  Harness the common wisdom of the American people from all across the political spectrum to find actionable solutions to the nation’s most pressing problems.

2.  Foster mutual respect for differences – good people can disagree and can still learn from and share with each other. This leads to civil and friendly relationships with each other as fellow citizens.

3.  Restore faith in government of, by, and for the people. To transcend the cycle of partisan gridlock, we believe we need to build an inspired, member-led movement organized around a positive vision for the future of America.

We believe a common ground movement must be:

  • Focused -- on the core issues which progressives, independents, libertarians, and conservatives agree are essential to building free, peaceful, just America, and on which policy makers on all sides are converging and acting clear, workable solutions.

  • Citizen-led -- government for the people by the people starts with us.

  • Wisdom-guided -- Wise solutions to complex problems require data, insight and experience, so we will partner with wise, open-minded experts to identify feasible solutions.

  • Values-anchored -- we must live and lead from shared, incorruptible values -- love, graciousness, justice, mercy, humility, respect, and responsibility.

  • Balanced -- we must create and model leadership at all levels that equally represents all sides of the political spectrum working graciously together.

  • Scalable -- Americans are busy and we need to use technology to leverage our time to organize, connect, and take efficient and effective action.

  • Sustainable -- many of the changes Americans want and need will take sustained focus over multiple election cycles.


Our Goals

Here are the results that a successful citizen movement could achieve. By 2018:

  • More Americans engage in gracious civic conversations that respect and appreciate differences.

  • More Americans have friendships with people whose political views differ from their own.

  • Americans trust one another other to help develop a common understanding of policy issues from all sides of the political spectrum.

  • Americans report a high level of confidence in government and believe that it accurately represents the people's will, and feel confident that their voices will be heard and leveraged to shape our shared futures

  • Lawmakers are actively working towards passing Americans’ top 6 - 8 common ground policy solutions.
  • Americans feel more optimistic about the future.